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The Spa at Tullamore Court Hotel

Open Daily 10am-6pm

Here at The Tullamore Court Hotel, there is nothing more enjoyable than slipping into a world of indulgent escapism at The Spa. You can select from a wide range of beauty treatments, special offers, as well as award-winning experiences and massages by our spa partners Kerstin Florian, GROUND wellbeing and OTO, the world’s first sensory CBD-infused massage experiences. We have a range of individual treatment rooms and a couples suite for you to choose from.  Whatever you pick, our expert team of masseurs and therapists are here to pamper you from head to toe. Stop by The Spa and enter a haven of warmth, comfort, and peace.

Contact Details:
T: +353 57 9346 670
E: thespa@tullamorecourthotel.ie


Luxurious results-orientate facials elevate skincare to an experience, featuring distinctive facial massage techniques and 16- point acupressure for memorable treatments that provide visible result

A deep cleansing, purifying treatment customized based on skin type. Includes an exfoliating peel to renew the skin, a stimulating massage to promote circulation and a personally selected masque to balance and nourish the skin. A hand and nail treatment completes the experience.
€85 | 60 minutes

For Premature Ageing.

Ultra-oxygenating, anti-aging treatment based on vitamin-rich super berries and plant cell cultures fortifies, rejuvenates, and renews. Concentrated, nourishing oils, serums and plant essences combine with exclusive acupressure and muscle-easing face and neck massage followed by a nourishing algae-rich masque for increased cellular renewal and a healthy radiance.
€85 | 60 minutes

For Hydration and Nourishment

Reconnect with nature and self with this luxurious facial that combines modern skincare with the ancient art of aromatherapy. Immerse your senses in the aromatic scents of nature for complete relaxation and renewal. This deeply nourishing and hydrating facial with a specially designed facial and scalp massage will impart a feeling of healthy restoration-the way nature intended
€85 | 60 minutes

€120 | 90 minutes

For Oily or Combination Skin

Reset your complexion with this all-natural facial designed to return the skin’s microbiome to its ideal, most functional state. Balancing pre- and probiotics, cell-renewing fruit enzymes and skin-replenishing minerals combine with a clearing massage using Jade tools to stimulate lymphatic drainage, release toxins, and improve circulation. A nourishing masque and customized serum blend are infused into the skin leaving it refreshed, renewed, and restored.
€85 | 60 minutes

A deep-cleansing introductory facial based on organic Moor Mud to refine, brighten, and hydrates the skin. Includes a skin analysis and massage of the face, as well as a hand treatment.
€50 | 30 minutes

An uplifting treatment for the delicate area around the eyes. An area that quickly reveals stress, fatigue and early signs of aging. In this treatment, we start with a peeling to remove the dry surface, followed by nourishment and moisture from eye mask and eye cream anda n uplifting and stimulating eye massage that ends with cool jade roller for perfect skin tone and complexion.
€50 | 25 minutes


-Concerns & Results addressed and achieved with our treatments

This specific treatment delivers brightening and clarity for immediate luminosity. With this results-oriented facial, the hands, face, neck and décolleté are treated to effective formulas that even out skin texture and tone. Using a powerful blend of skin illuminating botanicals and Acti-5 Brightening Complex, along with a multi-acid peel, and a unique cooling masque with luminous rice, skin appears lighter, brighter, and more refined.
€110 | 60 minutes

A deep cleansing and skin refining facial specially deigned for congested, oily and problematic skin. This targeted treatment focuses on these skin conditions to provide immediate and lasting results. Includes an exclusive Multi Acid Complex peel followed with apurifying masque. A thorough skin analysis and extractions as well as customised home care regime promote healthy looking clear skin.
€110 | 60 minutes

Using an exclusive professional-strength multi-acid peel, this facial provides immediate results to brighten and help even skin tone. Skin is deeply cleansed and toned, followed by a16-point acupressure exercise. An intensive serum is applied as Beauty Globes cool and tighten the skin
€60 | 30 minutes

Rejuvenate the skin with an Ancient Art of Gua Sha combined with advanced ingredients and formulations for a visibly firm, contoured, and glowing complexion. Expert massage techniques with specialized Jade tools stimulate lymphatic drainage, release toxins, improve circulation and enhance natural hydration while botanical essences nourish, replenish, and fortify skin. Tension is released, puffiness is reduced, and clarity is enhanced, leaving the face, neck and décolleté visibly smoother, tighter, and more radiant.
€110 | 60 minutes

This results-oriented treatment is customized to address specific skin conditions. From hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, oily skin to premature aging, this personalized facial helps treat and correct skin concerns. Includes an exfoliating multi-acid peel on the face, neck, décolleté and hands to renew the skin, a deep-cleansing massage to promote circulation and a masque to balance and nourish the skin. A customized intensive treatment ampoule and a hand treatment complete the experience.
€150 | 90 minutes


Relax and dreams of lavender fields kissed by the French sun envelop your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Breathe deep; inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely balancing and rejuvenating spa experience. To begin, earthly minerals are combined with lavender’s healing properties in an invigorating full body exfoliation. Following is a pampering back, neck and shoulder massage with Organic Lavender Bath & Body Oil and warm healing stones. Next, nourish and relax inside a warm cocoon while a luxurious foot and pressure point scalp massage completes this head-to-toe service.
€120 | 90 minutes

Awaken the senses with the signature aroma of Neroli in this deeply relaxing yet uplifting experience featuring energy balancing, Eucalyptus infused foot cleansing ritual with reflexology to clear the mind, a lymphatic dry brush technique followed by a Neroli Blossom therapeutic meditative massage
€120 | 90 minutes

Refine and firm body contours and promote detoxification as you reenergise. An exclusive dry brush technique helps to exfoliate the skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation and promote absorption of clinically tested slimming actives. An exclusive slimming massage and serum help to stimulate circulation and activate lipolysis with ginger and caffeine. Finish this firming experience as re-mineralisng body crème blended with Organic Ginger Oil hydrates and brightens the body.
€80 | 60 minutes

Refine and firm body contours and promote detoxification as you re-energise. An exclusive dry brush technique helps to exfoliate the skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation and promote absorption of clinically tested slimming actives. Nutrient rich algae is applied to the body followed by a deeply relaxing head massage. An exclusive slimming massage and serum help to stimulate circulation and activate lipolysis with ginger and caffeine. Finish this firming experience as re-mineralising Body Crème blended with Organic Ginger Oil hydrates and brightens the body
€120 | 90 minutes

In this Nordic Zen treatment, we want to provide an inner experience filled with energy and deep relaxation. Begin with mineral rich salt scrub and with the help of heat, stones, repetitive movements, and active plants, you reach a stage of total relaxation, where the body is given the opportunity to heal itself. With a unique treatment to nurture the sacred connection between body and soul, we have been inspired by ancient traditions and the very core of their healing practices. Experience the deep feeling of peace and harmony.
€120 | 90 minutes

Experience the ancient healing art of Ayurvedic techniques to release tension on the naturally firm stressed skin. This is one of the most widely practiced complimentary holistic therapies in the west and involves massage of the face, neck, shoulders and upper back. Hot Oil Pressure Point Scalp Massage
€70 | 40 minutes

Especially selected basalt stones are heated & anointed with exotic, sensual aromas and placed on key energy points of the body. The deep penetrating heat is used to massage using traditional techniques.
€70 | 40 minutes

€110 | 70 minutes

Ideal for those experiencing loss of hair or dry scalp. The use of Ground Calm Scalp Relief Oil containing Avocado & Rosemary offers nourishment, moisturising, and anti-inflammatory properties. Suitable for those who have undergone or are going through therapy.
€60 | 30 minutes

This treatment focuses on the lymph and the abdomen. Using Ground aromatherapy oils gentle movements to activate the lymphatic system and abdominal massage to enter a deep relaxation. Suitable for those who have undergone or are going through therapy.
€60 | 30 minutes

The Hand & Foot Ritual is designed for those with weak nails and experiencing dryness, using jojoba and red algae to protect the nail bed. Barróg Nail & Cuticle Oil is massaged onto he nail bed followed by the Hand & Foot Balm applying mindful lymphatic pressure points on the feet. Suitable for those who have undergone or are going through therapy.

€60 | 30 minutes


Using an all-natural, live Spirulina Algae, this seaweed treatment imparts essential vitamins, minerals, and protein to nourish and revitalize the body. The body is wrapped to soak up essential elements from the Spirulina Masque. The application of Remineralizing Body Crème mixed with Lavender Bath & Body Oil finishes this purifying and remineralizing treatment. Very effective when used as part of a slimming or nourishing program.
€80 | 60 minutes

A revitalizing European therapy using authentic thermal Moor Mud to heal, soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles and dull skin. It takes over one thousand years for natural processes to create three meters of this black organic mud, rich in thermal water-derived minerals and trace elements (35%). Moor Mud is harvested near one of only two spa lakes in the world (fed by a geothermal hot water spring and a cool water stream). This treatment remineralizes, softens and purifies the face and body. The Moor Mud Wrap is recommended to precede the bath and massage.
€80 | 60 minutes

A luxurious application of intuitively selected aromatherapy oils mixed with a remineralizing body crème helps relieve muscle tension, promote detoxification and hydration. A deep hydration crème, made with mineral rich waters, helps to hydrate, and nourish the skin. Blended with essential oils specifically chosen according to skin type and mood. The body is then wrapped while a 16pt. acupressure is performed on the face releasing tension and leaving the skin looking vibrant.
€80 | 60 minutes


A creamy, aromatic scrub with Chamomile oil and natural buffing grains sweeps away dull surface cells as an invigorating loofah cleanse stimulates circulation, leaving the body feeling smooth, refreshed, and hydrated.
€85 | 60 minutes

The most exhilarating of our scrubs, this energizing thermal salt exfoliation is rich in minerals, trace elements, and stimulating essential oils to stimulate circulation, flush toxins and leave skin soft and smooth.
€85 | 60 minutes

Mineral-rich salts combine with an intuitive selection of organic aromatherapy oils to create a customized, revitalizing full-body renewal. Intuitively select from Lavender, Ginger, Neroli or Grapefruit Black Pepper body oils – the blend chosen will reflect what the body and mind need. Remain comfortable, warm, and relaxed never leaving the table with our signature-rinse technique. Complete with a full-body luxurious application of your intuitive blend of oils that calm the mind and deeply hydrate the body. Emerge renewed and replenished.
€85 | 60 minutes


Take a deep breath and indulge yourself with a renewed sense of wellbeing with this nurturing treatment experience. Our signature Calm Mind Ritual impart comfort and serenity, while the organic aromatherapy of wild crafted and organic blossoms, plants, roots and leaves deeply nourish and relax. A guided selection between a variety of organic aromas to match your mood and needs for the day, allowing space for your own intuitive sense of what is best for personal wellness.
€85 | 60 minutes

Magnesium is responsible for promoting healthy energy levels, sleep, muscle function and overall well-being. This nourishing and remineralizing massage deliver the power of magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient levels.
€80 | 60 minutes

€120 | 90 minutes

Luxurious treatment during pregnancy, using natural products, that focuses on tired feet and legs, softens the skin, and relaxes tense muscles. A face masque and delighted face massage give a new glow to your face.
€80 | 60 minutes

€120 | 90 minutes

Based on the classic Swedish Massage, this treatment employs mindfulness to intensify and enhance the experience. Aromatherapy, stimulating menthol cream, and a focus on being totally in the moment.
€80 | 60 minutes

€120 | 90 minutes


OTO delivers the world’s first sensory CBD-infused massage experiences that contain pure CBD isolate in the most luxurious massage oils to deliver muscular relaxation quickly, and sound therapy to alter your state of consciousness, with the aim to balance homeostasis, promote relaxation and manage stress. 

Release the tension Designed to ease tension and unravel tightness in tired muscles. This full body treatment uses CBD oil infused with Bitter Orange, Grapefruit and Juniper Berry, coupled with a handcrafted bamboo roller to rejuvenate deeper levels of the muscle. Combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and the placement of Red Jasper crystal, renowned strong grounding properties, for a profoundly regenerative experience.

€90 | 60 minutes

Focus the mind Designed to calm and refocus a busy mind. This full body treatment with stimulating scalp and foot massage, uses CBD oil infused with Ginger, Black Pepper and Frankincense, renowned for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and the harmonising qualities of aventurine crystal to help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve concentration.

€90 | 60 minutes

Pause and rebalance designed to be deeply restorative and help with sleep. This full body massage uses CBD oil, infused with Jasmine, Helichrysum and Roman Chamomile, to calm the nervous system resulting in deep relaxation. Combined with an OTO signature sound therapy and Rose Quartz crystal, used for its deep inner healing properties, for a powerful balancing and restoring experience.

€90 | 60 minutes


24 Hour patch test required for all tinting and waxing

Eye Lash Tint €10
Eyebrow Shape €10
Eyebrow Tint €10
Trio Treat €25

Eyebrow Wax €10
Lip Wax €10
Chin Wax €10
Lip & Chin Wax €15
Arm Wax €15
Underarm Wax €15
½ Leg Wax €15
Full Wax €25
Bikini Wax €18
½ Leg & Bikini €30
Full Leg & Bikini €40
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm €50

Luxury Pedicure (Includes Polish) €60
Luxury Manicure (Includes Polish) €60
Mini Mani €35
File & Polish €20
File & Toe Polish €20
French Polish Extra €10


Kerstin Florian

Experience the wellness benefits of botanically based luxury skincare with our extensive range of skin, body, and beauty products. At Kerstin Florian we are dedicated to bringing the benefits of natural ingredients to skincare – in fact Kerstin herself made her first facial masque from fresh strawberries – and enhancing them with the best of clean science and technology to provide visible, lasting results and luxurious spa experiences at home. Today, her line blends the best of nature with advanced technology to craft the best natural skincare products from advance Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serums to the best anti-wrinkle creams. A simple daily regimen of our wellness-based products tailored to your specific skin type and lifestyle will help you achieve your healthiest looking most radiant skinfrom head to toe.


CBD helps maintain a healthy balance within the body. In a busy world, where time is of the essence. Aids sleep, focus, relaxation and supports the skin. Selection of infused drinks pillow mist and more available to take home.



Handmade in small batches, all our products are natural, vegan & never tested on animals. GROUND allows you to adopt simple therapeutic rituals encouraging peace & inner-strength. GROUND are a wonderful additional to our oncology treatments offered at The Spa.

The perfect way to spoil someone special is a gift of “The Spa” at Hotel. Tullamore Court Hotel & Spa. Ideal for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, wedding gifts and special occasions. Our dedicated Spa team will help you decide on the gift voucher
to suit you. Create a memorable experience by combining 1 night of accommodation with a Pamper Package at The Spa and dinner at The Brasserie.

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