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Environmental Management Policy

Tullamore Court Hotel 

“We recognise that our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and to help secure the long-term sustainability of the Tourism Industry”

To this end we Tullamore Court Hotel are committed to taking the following action;

  • To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation and achieve third-party environmental certification recognition
  • To review and update this Policy annually and report on our progress in achieving our Goals and Targets
  • To create an Environmental Action Plan setting out our planned actions – current and future
  • To comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation
  • To minimise our waste with a specific focus on Food, Single Use Plastics and Landfill
  • To monitor and reduce our water consumption
  • To Reduce, Reuse & Recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical
  • To develop and implement a Green Purchasing Policy that actively favours local and responsibly sourced goods and services
  • To invite our customers, suppliers and contractors to participate in our efforts to protect the environment
  • To provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our objectives
  • To openly communicate our policies and practices to interested parties
  • To monitor and record our environmental impacts on a regular basis, develop KPI’s and compare our performance with our policies, objectives and targets

Garret O’Neill June 2023
General Manager

Major Targets & Objectives

To reduce our Energy consumption by 30% in 2025 over 2019 and reduce Carbon Emissions by 450 Tonnes

To reduce consumption of Mains Water by 40% in 2025 over 2019 which will be the equivalent of 12,000 cubic meters or 12,000,000 litres of water

To reduce the waste we send to landfill by 25 Tonnes by 2025 over 2019

Green Purchasing
To engage with our suppliers to reduce packaging by 5% over 2021
To increase usage of recycled paper products to 75% of all paper/cardboard purchased

Community Social Responsibility
To support a local school in their Green Flag Environmental Activities
To engage in a local “Clean Up” at least once a year in conjunction with the Tidy Towns Competition
To continue to engage with Down syndrome Ireland

Green Procurement Policy

At Tullamore Court Hotel, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Through our green purchasing policy, we aim to achieve zero pollution, food waste reduction, digital transformation, innovation, and green transformation.

Our policy is based on the foundation of achieving a successful sustainability growth rate (SGR), following circular economy principles.
We believe that responsible green procurement choices and compliance can contribute to a greener future for our hotel group, the communities we serve, and the team we lead.

Supplier Selection and Evaluation

  1. We select suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and demonstrate environmentally responsible practices.
  2. Supplier selection criteria will include environmental certifications, sustainable sourcing, waste reduction efforts, energy efficiency, and adherence to ethical and fair-trade practices.
  3. Regular evaluations will be conducted to assess suppliers based on their sustainability performance.

Sustainable Product Guidelines

  1. We select products with recognized eco-label certifications, such as SME Eco-Label, Energy Star, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Fair Trade, and organic certifications.
  2. Our purchasing decisions will prioritize products made from recycled materials, renewable resources, and those with minimal environmental impact.
  3. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, energy-efficient appliances, low-flow water fixtures, and other sustainable options throughout our hotel.

Local and Organic Sourcing

  1. We actively seek partnerships with local farmers, food producers, and artisans to promote local and organic sourcing.
  2. Our goal is to provide our guests with fresh, seasonal, and sustainable offerings that support local communities and reduce transportation emissions.
  3. We prioritize local and organic options for our food and beverage operations, striving for a diverse and sustainable menu.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  1. We strive to minimize waste generation through responsible purchasing practices, such as selecting products with minimal packaging and offering bulk purchasing options.
  2. Recycling programs are established throughout our hotel, and we will collaborate with suppliers to recycle packaging materials.
  3. We are exploring opportunities for composting and encourage guests and employees to participate in waste reduction initiatives.

Energy Efficiency

  1. Investment in de-carbonisation infrastructure (e.g. renewable energy generation).
  2. We prioritize the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, such as LED lighting, energy management systems, and efficient HVAC systems.
  3. Suppliers will be encouraged to provide energy performance data for their products and services to support informed purchasing decisions.
  4. Regular energy audits are conducted to identify areas for improvement and implement energy-saving measures.

Water Conservation

  1. We source water-efficient products, including low-flow taps, showerheads, and toilets, to reduce water consumption.
  2. Collaboration with suppliers will be encouraged to minimize water usage in their manufacturing processes.
  3. We explore water-saving solutions, such as linen reuse programs and efficient laundry systems, to conserve water within our operations.

Road Transport Vehicles & Services

  1. We promote corporate sustainability by reducing the need for travelling and encouraging the use of public transport where necessary, which lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. We are working with our suppliers to create a LEAN delivery system, and reduce the number of days needed for delivery, for example from 5 days to 3 days, lowering carbon emissions.

Continuous Improvement and Training

  1. Our green purchasing policy is regularly reviewed and updated to incorporate new sustainability practices and technologies.
  2. Training programs are provided to procurement staff and key stakeholders to enhance awareness and understanding of our green purchasing objectives and procedures.

Reporting and Accountability

  1. Key performance indicators (KPIs) will be established to monitor and measure the effectiveness of our green purchasing policy.
  2. Progress on sustainability goals, including energy and water consumption, waste diversion rates, and supplier sustainability certifications, will be regularly monitored and reported.
  3. Suppliers will be expected to meet sustainability criteria and provide transparent reporting on their environmental practices.

ICT Products and services

  1. Internet of Things (IoT): IoT devices can be used to track and manage resource consumption in real-time. For example, smart meters and sensors can monitor energy waste, water consumption and waste generation. This data can provide insights into inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement in the procurement process.
  2. Real time process: Real time devices are installed in all our kitchens in the hotels. As well as processing and monitoring our data in real time, this technology is allowing us to maximise guest experience while reducing energy costs.
  3. Invest in SMART and AI Technologies to improve guest experiences, improve sustainable efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.

Collaboration and Communication

  1. We actively engage with industry organizations, sustainability initiatives, and certification programs to stay informed about best practices and industry trends.
  2. Our hotel communicates our sustainability efforts and achievements to guests, employees, and stakeholders, promoting transparency and inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices.
  3. Our hotel practices employee sustainability engagement which drives the sustainable transformational change in the business.

Innovation and Research

  1. Our hotel invests in research and development to develop sustainable solutions, green technology, and sustainable practices.
  2. We seek innovative approaches to minimize environmental impacts, improve efficiency, and address societal challenges.
  3. Collaborating a Green Team and Innovation team. Trialling new innovative ideas researched through feedback from staff and guests.
  4. Growing the development of the green and digital transition.

By implementing this green purchasing policy, making a responsible and sustainable procurement choices that contribute to a greener future for our hotel, our guests, and the environment.

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