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Code of Conduct

Keeping everyone safe and sound

Tullamore Court Hotel Fitness Club Code of Conduct

To avail of the facilities

• All members and guests must check-in at reception. Members check-in by using their key fob or by giving their full name. Cancelled members also have the option of renewing membership to gain access.

• Members and guests found not adhering to the rules and regulations could be asked to leave the premises.

• Membership access and classes is only available to current Members during times of chosen Membership categories, to use the facility and classes outside of membership times, you will be required to pay daily usage rate.

• Pay as you go is not available to anyone under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult using the facilities, daily fees apply and are subject to change

• Pay as you go can be refused if The Fitness club is reaching max capacity

•  All Guests are to comply with the code of conduct of The Fitness club

Health & Safety

• Members, residents and guests must inform staff member upon check-in if they have any medical issues that could affect their safety or the safety of other users when using the Fitness Club facility.

• Members, residents or guests who have any form of medical condition or who are on strong medical prescriptions should consult their doctor before using any of the Fitness Club facilities.

• Management will not be in any way responsible for any harm which may come to a member, residents or guests as a result of him/her undertaking, within The Fitness Club, any activity which is beyond his/her physical capacity whether due to a medical condition or otherwise.

• Members/Guests who undertake their own Fitness program without receiving it from our fitness team are personally responsible for their own well being

• Members, residents or guests shall not use the facilities of The Fitness Club while under the influence of alcohol, drugs (whether prescribed or otherwise) or any other substance which may put their safety at risk.

• Members, residents or guests are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activity for which they might be medically unfit and are also advised to have a medical checkup before embarking on any strenuous activity.

Swimming Pool

• Swim hats must always be worn in the pool, bathing suits and not towels are to be worn in the sauna, steamroom, or on pool deck. Baby’s purpose designed leak proof nappies are to be used if required. No outdoor footwear is permitted on pool deck at any time.

• No persons under any circumstances allowed on pool deck unless in swimwear or when collecting or dropping Children off for swim lessons.

• All members, residents or guests must shower before entering the pool and after using the sauna and steam room prior to re-entering the pool.

• Children under 16 will not be permitted to use sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.

• Jacuzzi and Steam room rules of usage apply

• Lifeguard may change rules and regulations poolside at any time if he or she feels necessary for health and safety.

• Members, residents or guests found not adhering to the rules and regulations could be asked to leave the premises.

• Pool depth 1.3m (strictly no diving, jumping or acrobatics)

• No glass, sharp objects, inflatables, toys, phones or recording devices are permitted on pool deck.

• Members, residents or guests are not to get the attention of any staff member to turn on water features by whistling, shouting or banging water features. Members, residents or guests are encouraged to come to reception door and knock once to have water features turned on.

•Load capacity is 50 patrons at any one time. Members, residents or guests will not be allowed access when this number is reached.

• Swimmers using the swim lane are advised to swim in a clockwise direction. Please use caution when entering/exiting the swim lane.

• Swim lanes are strictly for swimming. Please use correct lane etiquette

• To enter and exit the pool please use steps provided. Do not stand on the over flow grid at any time.

• The pool time table is subject to change at any time

Gym and classes

• Prior to using the facility all members are advised to request gym induction for the correct use of all gym equipment once an instructor is available an induction should last no more than 5 minutes.

• Members can avail of fitness programmes every 8 weeks once booked, throughout their membership term.

• All workout zones are for 16 years and over only, unless part of an agreed training programme.

• All users must wear appropriate work-out clothing. No boots, shoes or sandals are permitted.

• Instructor’s advice on correct use of equipment in all zones is to be adhered to at all times.

• In the interest of hygiene and respect for fellow users, please ensure that you wipe down all machines after use, and re-rack all weights used.

• All gym users are to abide by the 10 gym rules located in the gym, Gym etiquette applies

• Members, residents & guests must vacate all gym facilities by 10pm sharp.

• Classes are available for members during their membership times. Pay as you go for classes is available to all members

• Classes are subject to change, minimum number of 4 is required for class to go ahead

• Classes are on a first come basis, all classes must sign in at reception 10 minutes prior to class times. Class will start and finish at times listed. Class capacity applies

Personal effects

• Lockers are provided for storing member’s, residents’ and guests’ belongings. Smaller lockers for phones, wallets etc. are available at The Fitness Club Reception in exchange for key fob or car keys. Please note that management and staff take no responsibility for your personal belongings

• Members, residents and guests are requested to empty their lockers after use. staff reserve the right to access each locker at the end of each day and remove any personal effects

• Changing rooms are open plan but not unisex. Family changing area is in both gents and ladies changing rooms.

For more information on this Code of Conduct, please contact:

+353 (57) 934 66 69


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