Leap Castle

Leap Castle, It's haunted!

If you like shivers down your spine then visit Leap Castle, Co Offaly  for story after story of ghosts, druids, tragedy and death. Leap Castle has a reputation all over the world for being 'THE' most haunted location ever.

Certainly the history of the castle is fraught with violence and disturbing events. The story goes that the Castle has many ghosts who wander the hallways.

Their presence felt only when us humans disturb their routine or their middle world ramblings.
Originally the Castle is said to have been built on a druidic initiation site. Leap Castle is situated over the crossing of two Ley Lines. This led to greater permeability and natural energy and for entities to manifest much more readily than in a normal location. Any thought or action in these areas, whether positive or negative has a much stronger and more focused effect.

In the case of Leap Castle decades of compounded suffering, negativity and strong emotional experiences have left a marked effect on the atmosphere in and around the Castle.


Eager to know more perhaps?

You will be captivated by tales of spirits and ghosts by the present owner, renowned musician Sean Ryan and his family.

Guided tour is €6pp, just call to make sure the Ryans are home, Sean 086 8690547.

Leap Castle is an ideal day trip from Tullamore, combined with lots of other attractions perhaps less spine tingling but worthy of mention.

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